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‘a dramatic London bias in arts funding’

Thoughts on Rebalancing our Cultural Capital, a report by three arts policy advisers, Peter Stark, Christopher Gordan and David Powell.

Art Monthly, Dec-Jan, 2013-14.




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Standpoint Futures Residencies research project 2014

Standpoint Futures Residencies is a practice based residency programme designed to support professional practice and career development. Taking place at Standpoint Gallery and Studios in Hoxton, London, the residency is specifically for artists based outside of the city and designed to be flexible and responsive to the project, needs and desired outcomes of individual participants. Key figures in the London and international art world, such as TJ Demos, Jan Verwoert, Lucy Reynolds and Sacha Craddock, are introduced to visiting artists within the context of the studio. Upon the culmination of a residency, each artist is invited to organise a public event in conjunction with their research, manifesting as an group discussion or small-scale exhibition within the gallery or studio space at Standpoint.

Current regional partners with whom we run the programme and select artists are g39, Cardiff; The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen; Exeter Phoenix, Exeter and CHAPTER, Cardiff. Previous partners have included ARC (now Aspex Artists) Portsmouth; Workplace Gallery, Gateshead; Grand Union, Birmingham; OUTPOST, Norwich; Castlefield Gallery, Manchester and Spike Island, Bristol.

To develop networks between London and regional cities across the UK, we aim to maintain dialogue and interaction with the range of people who participate in the programme. Now in its third year, Standpoint Futures ongoing engagement with artists and organizations from across the UK is building a wealth of anecdotal knowledge about how art practitioners and professionals work in different ways across the UK. We believe that insights arising from this will be valuable to enlarge upon and share across the sector. In order to put our conversations and experience on a more rigorous footing, and to share and discuss the results, we have instigated a research project to collect and analyse information on differing models of art work – practice, distribution and remuneration – within the UK, including how artists link to their peers and to the variety of art organisations with whom they work.

The final outcome of this project will be the symposium taking place in June this year, whereby invited artists, curators, gallerists, writers and critics from different parts of the UK will reflect on the research gathered. The event will also provide a platform for thoughts and experience of artist development and support structures in range of cities and towns across the UK.

Currently we are in the process collating attitudes, thoughts, opinions and experience of working as an artistic practitioner in a range of locations across the UK. We are interested in real life accounts or informal learning amongst communities of artists, and how and why the identity of a practice can differ depending on location or network. Edited highlights of our research will be presented through this blog, which we invite others to contribute to as a way of a communal discussion. We will also be posting interviews with each artist completing a residency with Standpoint as part of the programme 2013-2014. To find out more about the residency programme, please visit here.

Standpoint Futures is supported by Arts Council England, Arts Council Wales, Creative Scotland and The Fenton Arts Trust.