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Paying Artists Campaign

Pippa Koszerek will be talking at the Mapping Art Practice Symposium on Monday 23 June, taking place at Shoreditch Town Hall. Pippa is an a-n staff member of AIR Council, who are leading the a-n & AIR Paying Artists Campaign

Visit the Paying Artists website to read about why visual artists in the UK should be made for the work they produce, and sign up to support the Campaign



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Tom Varley – Mapping Art Practice in the UK

Tom Varley talks about being an artist in Glasgow, along with his experience of being part of the committee at Transmission Gallery for two years and his thoughts on the differences between working as an artist in London, and in Glasgow.

This interview is part of Standpoint Futures’ research project, looking into the differential and interactivity of art practice across the UK.

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Artists’ Union England

Tonight we are delighted to be going to the launch of Artists’ Union England – a new campaigning organisation for artists. Registration is even free for the first 3 months, and you get a chance to be part of the conversation about what the union’s aims are.

For info about the launch event click here

Exciting times!