How do artists benefit / get contricted by their work with major institutions?

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Link here to MAP webpage with an MP3 of Discussion 3 – Network Worth

NETWORK WORTH: How artists can benefit / be restricted by their work with institutions (eg art schools, funders, galleries, local government, wider commercial framework)


Moderator: David Cross artist and Reader at University of the Arts London give his overview of the discussion topic, with reference to his work within UAL. The beginning is cut off but David is responding to the introduction of £9000 per year tuition fees

Teresa Gleadowe curator and writer, director of The Cornwall Workshop discusses her career to date, and the projects and networks she has instigated since her move to Cornwall in 2010, and how her thoughts on current artist resources available within different regions across the UK.

Anthony Schrag artist based in Edinburgh, working internationally in socially engaged practice will offer examples of the projects he has developed in response to a tricky brief, particularly those working with local government bodies.

Russell Martin artist, programme manager of Artquest and co-founder of Rational Rec gives his insights into the particular pressures that London-based artists are subject to with regard to how they reach / open a conversation with / get noticed by institutions they want to work within the city’s dense and complex art world.





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